Snapping Up Fashion With Asos


Last month, Asos started testing a feature that allows customers to upload photos taken from magazines and social media websites to search for similar outfits of shoppers’ favorite celebrities and bloggers. When customers want to look like their favorite celebrities and bloggers, they take snaps of them in desired outfits to put it into the Asos app. About 100 similar styles pop up to offer a variety of choices. In total, Asos digital wardrobe owns 85,000 products for snapping up similar fashion styles of famous characters.

Asos already thinks like a consumer tech business. Retailers must move away from being just retailers in the future. Some high street players such as the UK shopping center operator, Hammerson, uses the app, FindSimilar, that let shoppers upload a picture to search products on sale at specific retailers in the shopping center or across the shopping center. Also, voice search is being implemented through Amazon’s Alexa product. A voice-controlled selfie camera helps Alexa to give advice to fashion tips. That forces retailers to come up with similar services.

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Would you like the idea of wearing a similar outfit of your favorite celebrity or blogger? This is definitely an interesting tool that will attract millennials and generation Z consumers. Also, we probably cannot wait for augmented reality or 3D models in order to rely on the right fit while ordering and, ultimately decrease our returns. (ML, 11:07 PM)


Social Media Strongly Influences Today’s Purchase Decisions


These days, social media has become an important element in the business world. Sprout Social found out that 74 % of shoppers decide to purchase products and services based on social media. Thus, it is a very lucrative tool to plan and execute marketing strategies in order to generate more sales. Let us take a closer look what determines this influence:

There are multiple influencers that count thousands, even millions of followers on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc. Brands get highly attracted by those strong web personalities as they can significantly influence followers/ customers buying decisions while promoting several products. For example, a fashion blogger posts her new statement necklace gifted from a jewerly company on Instagram. In her picture or story, she wears this necklace and states how cute and trendy it is right now. She also mentions what advantages it brings along. Often, promotional codes like the name of the blogger, are used for products that guarantee discounts. Also, brand names will be mentioned in pictures and captures of bloggers. PwC’s total retail survey 2016 proves that 45 % of global interviewees agreed on the fact that reading comments, reviews like the example of the statement necklace and feedback would influence their purchase decisions. Every brand must carefully consider what type of influencer fits with its philosophy.

Another important influencing factor includes online and offline reviews from family and friends. 80 % of consumers are likely to buy products suggested from family members and friends. Brand- and product-specific hashtags often help companies to get attention and more website traffic. Daily posts and best quality pictures are key factors to gain followers on social media. A brand’s ultimate goal is to appear in the popular news feed section of Instagram. Using keywords to optimize search engines on social media is easier for smaller brands. Famous brands appear on the top of Google’s search engine.

Read about the full article on Social Media Week.

A strong social media presence helps brands to inform followers about the latest products and news. Especially, start-ups and small brands need to put a lot of effort into successfully sharing content on all platforms. Very well-known brands automatically gain and have many followers, likes and comments. A key tool that often leads to purchases is the linkage of product pictures and “shop now” buttons that directly navigate followers/ customers to the brand’s online shop. (ML, 10:32 PM)