A 4-Step Guide To Become A Popular Instagrammer

Are you still stuck at a couple hundred of followers? Well, you can change that quickly with the following pro-tips that will definitely let you outstand on the over 700 million active user platform, Instagram.

  1. Building your Profile

Make sure you have a clear direction on what you want to post. Are you interested in fashion, beauty, travel or in general lifestyle that combines more than one topic? Let your audience know what you are passionate about. Then pick a recognizable username and a profile picture reflecting your topic. In addition, give a short bio about you and your topic. This should be a strong introduction like “Fashion enthusiast who loves to inspire through posting daily outfit ideas.” If you want your audience to look on your website, in case you have one, copy and paste the link in your bio as well.

  1. Getting Followers

In order to get many followers, you need to like a bunch of photos, primarily with the same topic. For fashion, type in #fashion, #style, #fashiongram, #instafashion etc. Also, comment on pictures although it takes some time, but it is more effective. Commenting on a lot of pictures increases your chance to get more followers.


  1. Posting Content

While growing in follower numbers, make sure to post great looking Insta photos. Pay attention to lighting. Using natural light is the best option. Take either photos during the morning or before the sun sets in the evening. In addition, a symmetry in your pictures is important. Since Instagram offers various filters, work with them but use the same to ensure a consistent look. When your picture is ready, it is all about the right posting time. People check their Instagram during the morning, around lunch time and after work. Post between one to three photos daily to feed your page.

  1. Using Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to reach your desired audience and let your follower numbers grow. Especially, at the beginning, you should use a lot of hashtags. Place hashtags either by posting the picture first and add your own comment with a bunch of tags or provide enough space between your photo and caption by adding bullets and your tags (see example below).


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Sounds simple, right? Always ask yourself why you are on Instagram. Is it primarily to see what your friends are doing or do you consider it as a serious business for yourself? We all know that Instagrammers with thousands and millions of followers make a lot of money. Are you ready to challenge yourself to make some extra money? (ML, 9:59 PM)