How A Normal Looking High Heel Emerges As The Future Of A True Fashion Wearable

Do you struggle with pairing your heels to your outfits every day? There is now a solution for this problem. A smart high-tech heel has been conquering the market since March 12 this year. This heel is called Volvorii Timeless smart shoe developed by a Lithuanian startup with the name iShüu Tech. It is available on Indiegogo right now for $249 and expected to be shipped as from this December. What makes this heel so special and how does it simplify women’s daily struggle? No matter what color your outfit has, the high-tech heels change colors.


How? You just download the smartphone companion app that will be announced and available on iTunes later during the year. Through clicks within the app, you can change colors in seconds. The heels are made of smooth leather and rubber, outfitted with hidden circuitboard, Bluetooth as well as battery components. They are provided with electronic e-ink paper on the sides. For now, just black, white and the Louis Vuitton logo can be chosen but the developers will add more color and pattern options to the app. The battery powering the display, recharges through an integrated USB wireless charger. It takes two hours for reaching the heel’s full power again.


Read more about this Volvorii Timeless smart shoe on the Entrepreneur.

What an invention, right? Looks like we do not need so many shoes anymore since we can switch colors depending on outfits and moods multiple times a day. The price is affordable and the heel looks very comfortable. Make sure to watch the stunning video in the sidebar. (ML, 11:57 PM)



A Customized Data Dress For Every Occasion

H&M’s fashion start-up, Ivyrevel, and Google make it possible


Imagine having an app on your smartphone that tracks your activities to customize your Saturday night dress. Awesome right? Watch the stunning video. This January at NY Fashion Week, Google announced its partnership with Ivyrevel, a Swedish online-only fashion brand backed by H&M, to introduce couture in the digtial age. Ivyrevel’s mission is to combine fashion creativity with technology innovation. Trends are analyzed in a fashion tech lab to develop algorithms that improve the direction of the clothing’s design. To get started, female customers download Google’s Coded Couture app and grant permission for monitoring daily activities such as locations when going out for dinner, to work, meetups with friends, and weather conditions. The next step is to select the occasion for the Data Dress.

The embroidery on the dress will then reflect different daily activities. Within a week, women can watch the design unfold since the app gets to know them better.


Finally, female customers can track all activities at the end of the week. Until now, no price announcements have been made for the Data Dress. Google’s Coded Couture app will not be available before fall this year. The whole concept is currently being tested by a group of selected style influencers. Designing own clothes interests around 25 to 30 % of 1,000 shoppers based on a survey conducted by Bain & Company.

Read more about this exciting Data Dress of Ivyrevel and Google on the Business Insider. Also, visit Ivyrevel for further information like the selected style influencers who test this innovative fashion technology for us.

Would you use this app in order to customize your occasional Data Dress? In general, customization is very demanded and lucrative. Nike is one of those brands offering customized shoes. What makes it so special? Well, customers turn into designers while choosing different shapes, styles and colors. The idea of combining it with technology, is very future-oriented and different since the app takes care of creating the dress based on our activities within a week. However, customers could argue that Google will get access to their private lives by tracking their ongoing activities when granting permission for the development of the Data Dress. Are we ready to completely reveal our privacy for the fashion future? (ML, 11:34 PM)