Snapping Up Fashion With Asos


Last month, Asos started testing a feature that allows customers to upload photos taken from magazines and social media websites to search for similar outfits of shoppers’ favorite celebrities and bloggers. When customers want to look like their favorite celebrities and bloggers, they take snaps of them in desired outfits to put it into the Asos app. About 100 similar styles pop up to offer a variety of choices. In total, Asos digital wardrobe owns 85,000 products for snapping up similar fashion styles of famous characters.

Asos already thinks like a consumer tech business. Retailers must move away from being just retailers in the future. Some high street players such as the UK shopping center operator, Hammerson, uses the app, FindSimilar, that let shoppers upload a picture to search products on sale at specific retailers in the shopping center or across the shopping center. Also, voice search is being implemented through Amazon’s Alexa product. A voice-controlled selfie camera helps Alexa to give advice to fashion tips. That forces retailers to come up with similar services.

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Would you like the idea of wearing a similar outfit of your favorite celebrity or blogger? This is definitely an interesting tool that will attract millennials and generation Z consumers. Also, we probably cannot wait for augmented reality or 3D models in order to rely on the right fit while ordering and, ultimately decrease our returns. (ML, 11:07 PM)


A New Way Of Online Shopping In India – The Mood E-Store Idea

Imagine, you have planned a night out with your friends but it feels like you do not have the right outfit in your closet. Here comes Jabong into play. The leading Indian fashion online retailer has recognized that its fashion customers prefer to shop an entire look based on their moods and feelings. A marketing campaign promoted through outdoor advertisement and cinemas as well as by social media posts through Indian influencers is going to support the launch of the online Mood Store. Moreover, digital shoppable videos that will be featured on YouTube and Facebook will enable customers to purchase fashion shown in those videos while clicking on product cards. Jabong describes its customers as affluent, well-travelled and very fashion-forward who like the idea of buying a complete outfit for specific moods as well as occasions. To find out more about The Mood Store and explore various outfit ideas, visit

Shop The Mood

These characteristics sound familiar to New York City’s Gen Z and Y consumers. The idea of digital shoppable videos featuring fashion outfits for any possible moods on YouTube and other popular social media platforms would be a real hit for many American brands and directly attract the two consumer groups. Innovations like these should be taken into consideration as it can be recognized that many fashion brands shift in attracting new target audiences, mainly Gen Z and Y consumers. Objectives are to change old-fashioned images and to prevent sales losses. In order to stay competitive on the market as well as relevant in the fashion business, brands must combine new shopping and outfit ideas with digital media.

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