Snapping Up Fashion With Asos


Last month, Asos started testing a feature that allows customers to upload photos taken from magazines and social media websites to search for similar outfits of shoppers’ favorite celebrities and bloggers. When customers want to look like their favorite celebrities and bloggers, they take snaps of them in desired outfits to put it into the Asos app. About 100 similar styles pop up to offer a variety of choices. In total, Asos digital wardrobe owns 85,000 products for snapping up similar fashion styles of famous characters.

Asos already thinks like a consumer tech business. Retailers must move away from being just retailers in the future. Some high street players such as the UK shopping center operator, Hammerson, uses the app, FindSimilar, that let shoppers upload a picture to search products on sale at specific retailers in the shopping center or across the shopping center. Also, voice search is being implemented through Amazon’s Alexa product. A voice-controlled selfie camera helps Alexa to give advice to fashion tips. That forces retailers to come up with similar services.

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Would you like the idea of wearing a similar outfit of your favorite celebrity or blogger? This is definitely an interesting tool that will attract millennials and generation Z consumers. Also, we probably cannot wait for augmented reality or 3D models in order to rely on the right fit while ordering and, ultimately decrease our returns. (ML, 11:07 PM)


Social Media Marketing Starter Pack For Brick-And-Mortar Retailers

In case, your brick-and-mortar store is still not present on social media, this is the ultimate starter guide that will help you getting recognized on- and offline. By building your accounts, you are likely to gain more traffic for your store, maintain strong relationships for regular visits, monitor your reputation, get your insights into the customer experience.


Since every business wants to attract millennial shoppers, social media is a must-have for your business. 72 percent of millennials research your website, ultimately checking you out online before they get their feet into your physical store. Do not think that you need to be present on all possible social media platforms since you should find the ones that will allow you to engage most effectively with your target audience. Start with one platform at a time, ask family, friends and staff to follow your page. Create in-store promotion that informs about your social media activity. Use stunning graphics for profile pictures and photo content. Always update any changes, news etc.

The very first platform you should consider, is Google My Business. Go to Google My Business and click “Get on Google.” Type in your business name and address in the search box. Select or add your business and claim it. After you have verified it, Google is going to send you a postcard to your address with a code. Then, confirm your business by using the received code.

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 10.53.28 PM.png

Create a Facebook page since over 2 billion people are registered on this platform. It has many advertising opportunities for brick-and-mortar retailers. Encourage customers to write reviews on your page which will raise visibility. Add a “Shop Now” button to forward followers to your website/ online shop. Do fun competitions such as “if you are the 100 person that liked the page, you will get an in-store voucher.”

Build an Instagram account as this platform is mobile-oriented. Regularly upload photos of your store, new items etc to gain followers and attention.

Retailers are also very present on Pinterest, pinning boards of ideas.

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Do not expect to get a lot of followers on all platforms at the beginning. The key is to post regularly and get your followers/ customers excited about new items, competitions, special offers etc. (ML, 10:54 PM)